Dunvegan Primary School – Contact Information


The School can be contacted in any of the following ways:


Physical Address

Sheila Street




South Africa.


Postal Address

Dunvegan Primary School

Private Bag X10007




South Africa



011 453 9401

011 453 9402



011 453 2829


Office E-Mail



Accounts/Financial Queries




In case “Scotty” is ever going to beam you down to us, we can be also be found at

26° 9’ 21” S                28° 9’ 7” E.

1639m above Mean Sea Level.



Just a Beautiful Sunset from our School Steps – 14th November 2007.



26th November 2010.


1st October 2015


30 November 2015.


Staff Executive

Principal: Mr. R.G. Laidley

Deputy Principal: Mrs. W. van Zyl

Department Head – Foundation Phase: Mrs. P. James

Department Head – Intersen Phase: Mrs. J. Ley

Department Head – Educational Guidance: Vacant

Developmental Support HOD – Mrs. P. Pregueiro


Subject Heads

At present the following staff members are responsible for subjects in the school:

English, Afrikaans and Economic management Sciences: Mrs. J. Ley

Naturals Sciences, N.S./Tech , Technology: Mrs. J. Appelgryn

Social Sciences, Life Skills/Orientation: Mrs. W. van Zyl

Mathematics: Mrs. G. Shaw-Butler

Creative Arts and Physical Education: Mrs. L. Lottering

Foundation Phase English: Mrs. M. Cramb

Foundation Phase Mathematics: Mrs. N. Aitchison

Foundation Phase Life Skills & Assessment: Mrs. P. Pregueiro

Foundation Phase Afrikaans: Mrs. C. Pope


Control Heads

Values in Education: Mrs. P. Pregueiro

Learnership Students: Mrs. P. Pregueiro

Moderation: Mrs K. Dodrill (Foundation Phase); Mrs. J. Ley (Intersen Phase)

Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS): Mrs. J. Ley

School Based Support Team: Mrs. W. van Zyl

School Assessment Team: Mrs. P. James


Grade Leaders

The school has certain teachers who lead each particular grade.

Grade 1 – Miss. C. Tarazza

Grade 2 - Mrs. K. Dodrill

Grade 3 – Mrs. P. Pregueiro             

Grade 4 – Mrs. T. Cadman

Grade 5 – Mrs. G. Shaw-Butler         

Grade 6 – Miss C. Goument

Grade 7 – Mrs. S. Du Preez



Bursar: Mrs H. Snyman

Senior Groundsman: Mr V. Spangenberg

Admissions Secretary: Mrs B. Barber

Reception: Mrs B. Dangerfield

Accounts: Mrs C. Spagnolo