Dunvegan Primary School - Cultural Activities


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Reading in Afrikaans is also fun.


Real Acting!


Future actors playing their part.




The orff music group playing a variety of instruments.


Spring Day!!!


Little Drummer boy playing Try by Pink.


Mary had a little Lamb on the recorder.


Afrofusion Dancers.


The guitar group in action.


Singing the hits!


“Life is a Highway!”


Junior choir about to be Lost in Space.


The Senior Choir ending the performance for the day.


Thank you to all who particpated and to Mrs Aitchison for putting together a wonderful afternoon of Cultural Flair.




A variety of favourite book characters.


Even the staff have a favourite book!


Grade 1 – Dr Seuss dress up.


Disney book characters.


Favourite Fairy Tale characters.






Setting up in the hall.


A huge variety of arrangements.


Time for prize giving.


Beautiful arrangements.


A variety of colours.


Such imagination!


All things bright and beautiful.


A great deal of talent.


Spring day at its best.




Deep in thought.


Proud to be part of the team.


Is there only one girl in this team?


The happy, winning team.


Some answers that left the audience in tears.


Too many cooks …

Put out the fire (I’m not sure who cooks in this house)


In the novel “Charlotte’s Web”, what is the name of the pig?

Babe (Wrong book but is at least a pig!)


Who was Robin Hoods’ little Friend?

Piglet (The sheriff of Nottingham would have then stood a chance)


Who was chosen as Time magazine’s “Man of the Century?”

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson (I’m sure he may have come second behind Albert Einstein)