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To any Past Pupils out there –

Please send us your Name, Year you left Dunvegan, Contact Details and any Comments/Memories about School Life at Dunvegan Primary.

Updates also gladly accepted should your details change.





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1968 to 1974



Raymond Semple (1970)

Just moved from Muscat, Oman to Qatar and have been assigned a project to start up a Mineral Water Company. I have many fond memories and was amazed to see Miss Olive at the Edenvale Methodist Church the last time I was in SA.

Ashley(1971)and Diane (1979) Illman

My wife Diane attended Dunvegan Primary (1979). We have 3 children 2 attending Dunvegan at the moment. I have my own advertising agency in Edenvale - Created by Mouse. The three children have become 4 children with Jessica now in Grade 2 (2005).

Mike Fennell (1974)

Married with 2 children - Wife - Sandy, Children - Christopher 11 and Kerry 9.

Merryl (Hunkin) Dahlberg (1974)

Have lived in USA since 1983 and have two children.

Ed Hardwick (1971)

Mad Scientist

Cheryl Shaw (nee Court 1972)

At present I am a housewife. Before children I worked for British Gas as a Showroom manager. Now I look after my husband and two children Mark (9) and Helen (7)

Grant Shearer (1974)

Branch manager for a retail group. Have spent over 10 years in retail and have been involved in systems implementation as well as some programming and web development http://www.shearvision.co.za

Derek Todd (1974)

Self employed as Irrigation Contractor. Married to Penny (nee Maroun) who attended Dunvegan until 1975. One son - Peter 13 yrs old.

Johnathan Elliot (1974)

Co-owner of a Graphic Design company working for the music industry. I am married with 2 children, Sam (4) and Lulu (2) Left South Africa in 1984 for a couple of years, but never moved back. Lived in London until the end of 2002, and recently moved to the countryside. Have run my own business since 1990, after working for a record company for 6 years as art director. Everyone still got their own hair??

Clayton Whitehead (1974)

Work in the Aerospace Industry as an Engineering Manager. In 1974 I was captain of the Chess team that won the Junior School Championship in the Transvaal. Regards to Miss Olive!

Wayne Calder (1974)

Comments:  I have been living in the USA since 1988. I am married. I am a pastor in the United Methodist Church.

Jacqueline Enslin (Richardson) (1974)

Hung out with the "cool" chicks, Diane Callaghan, Helen Pienaar, Gillian Sutton.  Had huge crush on Mr Harris and purposely misbehaved so that he would call me to his classroom.  I remember Miss Olive giving me her sandwiches once because I'd swallowed a plastic baubel(?) which got stuck in my throat.  Ralph Kramer liked to terrorize me on a daily basis.  I am married and have one son Trent.  We live in Cape Town, Somerset West.  I am a "housewife" and run a baking school for little people.

Sharon Schneider (nee du Plessis) (1975)


I commenced my schooling at Dunvegan in 1972 (grade 1) remaining until we moved to Cape Town 1975 (standard 2). In 1976 we headed off for Sydney (Australia). My Mum reconsidered after a couple of months and thus we returned back to Cape Town at the end of 1977. I attended Ellerton and Good Hope Primary in Cape Town and Sans Souci Primary in Sydney. My high school years were less turbulent and I matriculated at Good Hope High School in 1983. My husband and I left Cape Town for Austria in 1988 (in a bid to escape conscription) and we have been living here ever since. I am engaged in the profession of human rights based social work practice and a part-time lecturer at the university of Applied Science in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (department of social work). I have fond memories of my years at Dunvegan ...such as waiting outside in the playground - thrilled to see the first Concorde flying above our school. I also remember representatives of an orange company (Outspan) bringing boxes of oranges to the school and handing them out to us. There are a few less favorable memories too - I recall the day the principal (not sure of her name) locked me in a cupboard as punishment for having locked younger pupils in the toilet (eye for an eye pedagogic?). There was a teacher (conveniently forgotten her name too) who would hit us on our hands with a ruler.

Dorothy Smit (1971)

I remember playing marbles during break time. A favourite pastime.

My career has been in Finance, and I have a B.Comm, MBA, SAIPA, CPA and now studying for my doctorate. Have been resident overseas for around 10 years now.

Marion Simon (nee Mann) (1974)

Now living in Gaborone, Botswana.

Diane Rohlandt (nee Callaghan) (1974)

I was a founder at Dunvegan Primary until 1974.I stay in Edenvale. I loved Dunvegan Primary and all the people I hung out with, Jackie, Yvonne, Connie and all the “Great Girls”. We had the best teachers in Std 5, Miss Lewis and Miss Kobrin, would love to chat to them. “A Great Great School”. I have two children, a son of 22 and a daughter of 16.

Angela Parry (nee Dodd) (1974)

I remember Miss Smith and Mrs Stewart, coloured rulers in the library and sports day. I remember a production of Hiawatha and a shopping song. There was a boy in my class called Louis who sang 'I was born under a wandering star'. I was in 'Flamboyant'.  I remember Valin, Lorraine whose Mum was a vet and Suzanne Ginster. I also remember the Outspan oranges visit. I have great memories of the school and of South Africa. If you look at one of the photos on the website I'm sure I am here at the front. I am married with 3 daughters 21, 19 and 16 and am a cello teacher in West Sussex in England. Tot siens!

Carlo Leusink (1968)

I am now living in the UK and Married since 1981. Had 3 Children and got 2 lovely Grandsons and a 3rd at the end of April. Worked in the Hotel and Catering as well as having become an IT professional with obtaining my network engineers certificate. Ran my own companies in Swaziland, Mocambique, Nelspruit (where we lived) and also in Vanderbijlpark. We moved to the UK in 2006 and missing SA. Would love to hear from any old school friends, also does anyone know what happened to Charmaine Arundel and Edna Purcell?

Stephen Nicholas(1968)

I was sent an e-mail of your “MEMORY LANE” page and noticed the pic of the first standard 5 class of Dunvegan Primary. It brought back wonderful memories and I wonder how many of us from that class are still around. I know Garth Steward is well and living in Hout Bay. Heather Haupt (nee King) is well and stays on the East Rand. I am well and live in Eastleigh. This is just a bit of information that I thought I would share with you so that you know that pupils from 44 years ago still remember those days and I recognised each and every one in the picture but could obviously not remember many names. I remember our teacher as Mrs. Nel but see Mrs. Lambert in this picture, so Mrs. Nel must have left during the year, something I do not recall.

Trevor MacDonald (1972)

Started in Std 3 when Dunvegan moved to the new premises where it is today. Finished up in 1972 (Mrs Newman). My best school year was Std 4 with Miss Milne as my teacher. Fondest memories were going to movies on a Friday night at the school (with old 16mm projectors!).

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1975 to 1979



Sharon Doubell Robins & Michael Robins

We're two past pupils who got married after Michael went to JDK and Sharon to Edenvale High.  Today (2004) Sharon is a child psychologist in private practice and at Jeppe Boys High School, and Michael is an Engineering General Manager for Howden Africa. We have two adolescents and fond memories of Dunvegan.  

Kathy Blume (Love) (1979)

Taught at Dunvegan Primary for 17 years. I now own and run my own business. I have a one son who has also attended Dunvegan since Grade 1 and is now in Grade 7. He has also been taught by a teacher who taught me, circle of life??? I attended Edenvale high and married an Edenglen boy. Still see many of the people who were in school with me.

Andre J Venter (1975)

Senior Aeronautical Major Maint Supervisor for South African Airways. My son attended Dunvegan in Std 5 - Allan-Jon. My mom Marge Venter was secretary at the school as well, and my brother, Paul Venter was also there.

Niall Cumming (1975)

My sister, Erin, and I both attended Dunvegan. I am the I.T. Manager for Nabisco South Africa and Erin is a school teacher in Natal.

Lynn Murray (Cammidge) (1976)

Director of Computing at St Andrews School. Married with 2 children Ursula(15) and Stuart (11).  Brother Clive Cammidge year (1974)

Garth Baillie (1978)

I currently work for Software AG as a senior consultant. I am married and have been living in the US for 10 years.

Maurizio G Finucci (1976)

Manufacturing and Business Consultant with Hatch Africa

Helga Teixeira (Anderson) (1978)

Recently resigned from the bank after fifteen years, now working for a bond origination company in Bedfordview. My son Dylan attended Dunvegan.

Angela Shapiro (Tod) (1975)

I am a pharmacist, now raising Justine (11), Rory (9) and Melissa (3); married to Anthony and living in Sydney, Australia

Gary Spolander

After Studying at the University of Cape Town, I emigrated to the UK where I have lived since. I am married with a son, Luke, of 10 years old. I work within the National Health Service.

Michael Baidgent (1979)

Working as a Senior Estimator for AMEC, an international engineering company. Having accepted a job offer in 1996 my wife and I emigrated to Canada. We have been very happy in our new home and are soon to have our third Canadian child, due 31st July 2002.

Sue Finch (nee Forsyth) (1976)

I attended Dunvegan from 1972 to 1976. I can vaguely remember a Mr Basanky who used to drive a VW. My close friend was Kathleen Garett, and others were Nicky Glazebrooke and Susan Dickson. I am now living in Australia with school age children of my own. I also have a brother who is a year younger than me who also attended Dunvegan.

David Millar (1979)

I am an Investment Director at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, an asset management company in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am married with 2 children, I have live in the UK since 1988.

Paul Venter (1977)

Aircraft Mechanician with South African Airways. I live in Hurlyvale. I race a Lotus 7 in the Lotus Challenge - Northern Region championship. Finished 2nd for 2002.

Karen Neill (1977)

I attended Dunvegan from 1970 to 1977. I  recall a few friends Maureen Balie, Gregory Denner, Sheryl Taylor, Mandy Gibbs, Mark Dipinaar, David Robertson, Gregor Mitchell, Haley Williams, Penny Thomas, Dorrie Sue Dodgem, Deryn Bjorgan, Bevan Panano, Karl Zakker, Zelika Berry, I would love to hear from any of the above and any body else that remembers me. I went onto Edenvale High and did my matric in 1982, I am married have one son and am self employed.

Marc Giltrow (1975)

Ruled Dunvegan in 1975 with the help of three great teachers - Mr Harris, Mr Marais, Mr Sloane & tough gang members Jurgen Lechi, Darryll v d Westhuizen, Dassie da silva, Perry Enslin, Charlie Morte (only guy I was ever scared of), Alfie Goodwin, Neil Sillitoe, Keith Smit, Wayne Swart, Paul Greenwood. All the girls loved us from this year (ha,ha) so there are too many to list. You know who you are!

Married to Bev Oliver (also ex pupil) not from same year, best looking chick ever. Have three magic girls, all three pupils of Dunvegan, two currently there. Bev & I both work for ourselves & have great memories of Dunvegan. Miss Olive was our Principal, Head of manners & security was Miss Newman. DUNVEGAN SCHOOL IS BEST! (I think that’s from the school song)

George Bouziotis (1975)

Greetings from the United States. I moved to South Africa from the United States in 1969  when I was 9 years old and attended Dunvegan until I entered Edenvale High School. I have very fond memories of Dunvegan. From the teachers to my class mates. The times we had were amazing. I am trying to locate an old teacher named Mr. Glen Bazanky, Any information anyone could forward me would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Freeman (1977)

Living in the UK. I went to Dunvegan from 1971-1977 I have such good memories of the school and have enjoyed looking through your website. I would like any e-mail addresses you might have or names of pupils which were in my year from memory I think one of my teachers was Miss Welsh (cannot be sure). I use to live in Mendleson Avenue I think the head girl in 1977 was Bridget Daniels who lived next door to me.

Andrea Möller (1978)

I attended Grade 1 in 1977 and Grade 2 in 1978 at Dunvegan Primary. At the time I lived next door to class-mate Trevor Thom and we used to walk to school together regularly. I went on to schools in Bloemfontein and Durban, before attending Rhodes University in Grahamstown. I now live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and our ten-month old baby boy. I run a from-home PR and marketing consultancy.

Stanton MacKellar (1975)

I moved to South Africa from Scotland in 1973 and left in 1975. Just two short years but many fond memories including my time at Dunvegan. I only remember Ms. Olive because she put me over her knee and spanked me when I stuck my tongue out at my teacher. If anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear from you. I think there was a guy in my class called Herman. That is the best I can do. I returned for a quick visit in 2001 and had a look around. The school looks very different. But then I was only 2 1/2 feet tall then. I now live and work in Canada.

Graham Pearson (1979)

I started my schooling career way back in 1978. Over the years I moved to various schools around the country to finally matriculate at Braken High, Alberton. I became active in the pre-hospital field and am a current serving member of the Board for Emergency Care Providers at the Health Professions Council of SA.

Alan Lambert (1977)

Still living in the Edenvale area. Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. Legal Counsel for a large corporate. Divorced. One son, Duncan born in 1992.

Bryan Jones (1977)

Electrical Engineer, partner in consulting business. Divorced with one beautiful daughter, Kirsty, born in 1999. Kirsty is currently at Dunvegan.

Kathleen Peasey (nee Garrett) (1976)

I attended Dunvegan Primary 1970 - 1976.  I went to St Dominic’s Convent in Boksburg for my high school years and loved it.  I went on to study primary school teaching.  I am married and have a 14 year old son.  We have been living in Brisbane, Australia for the past 10 years – where I am still teaching. My closest friends were Sue Dickson, Sue Forsyth, Suzanne Ginster, Marcia Minnaar and Zeleka Beiri. I remember many great laughs in Mr Marais’ Afrikaans class, where, for a can of coke or a stick of biltong you could get away with murder.  Mr Sloane and Mr Harris were the heartthrobs!  Miss Sellars’ great white brute of a dog and her chalk twirling habits also come to mind!  Miss Olive was the Principal and Miss Newman the sergeant major – she was the scariest person alive! Mr Bosanquet was there and I ended up teaching with him at Risidale Primary School years later. 

Helen Kisbey-Green (1979)

I attended Dunvegan Primary from Grade 1 to Standard 5 (1973 to 1979) before moving on to Edenvale High School.  Live in Durban, I have two amazing teenage children, Tammy Tessa and Alan Ross. I work in a Medical Environment. Very amused to read everyone's comments about Miss Newman - she is possibly the only teacher who's name I remember and I can clearly remember the silence that was always part and parcel of her lessons - the saying you could hear a pin drop was so true of her class room.

Andrea Henderson (1979)

Completed Std 5 in 1979 (just typing the year makes me realize how many years ago that was!!)  Have read through all the comments and submissions on the website, it is incredible to see what a legacy Dunvegan Primary has!!!  Still live in Edenvale, have 2 sons (aged 15 and 4) and…. You guessed it, the 4 year old will be attending Dunvegan Primary.  Could anyone forget Ms Olive, Miss Newman and Mrs Sellars????????  What wonderful memories.  I remember Susan Schroeder, Jackie Fowler, Lynette, Helen Kisby Green, Brian Van Buuren, Craig (Mitrovich I think).  I have a labour broking business in Johannesburg.  I would love to hear from fellow ex-students.

Karen Adams (Stewart) (1978)

Still living in Edenvale - my son is in Grade 3 at Dunvegan and loves it as much as we all did. My Mom taught at Dunvegan for many years and sadly passed away six years ago but is still remembered by lots of students I am sure. Enjoy the socials at the school as it brings back lots of memories of marbles on the netball courts and assembly in the hall (which seems a lot smaller now!) Own a travel agency in Edenvale. Still in contact with Carolyn Knuckey (Now Lee) and my son is friends with Chris (Stoff) Gunning's daughter.

Dunvegan Rules!!!

Kevin Lochore, (1976)

Began grade one in 1970 with Mrs. Fisher and finished standard 5 in 1976.The teachers were great and the ones which stand out were Mr. Harris , Mr. Marais , Miss Pratt , Mr. Sloane, Mrs. Stewart. Remember one winter day helping Miss Olive in the morning with her car as the fan belt had broken and my dad used an old pair of stockings to amend the problem so she could drive to a garage and have a new belt fitted. Married Ann, who came from Rhodesia . Have been here in New Zealand for five years after leaving high school (J.D.K. tech high), doing two years national service in Kimberley, working at SAA for 18 and Durban for 2. Am currently working for Air NZ , with Ann studying for her degree in Early Childhood Education.

Brandon Thorpe (1978)

Live in Canada, in Saskatchewan.  Medical Doctor, University Faculty (College of Medicine Saskatchewan) Chief of Family Practice Five Hills Health Region. Single. Miss Olive was my principal when I was at Dunvegan Primary, Miss Newman was the scariest teacher EVER.  Mr. Sloan was the best!  Anyone remember Mrs. Cox????

Michelle Bezuidenhout (nee Titmas)

My memories of Dunvegan go farther than being a past pupil but include the days of visiting as a child of one of the teachers. Most of my child hood memories relate to Dunvegan Primary and am proud to say that I was a pupil (even if it was until the end of Std 1, however extend well into the later 1980’s). I would love to hear from past pupils whom may remember any one of our Titmas family. On a personal note, married to a fantastic man with 2 beautiful kids and love working together in our family business in Jhb.

Ricky Engelbrecht. (1977)

My fond memories came back to me when I was invited to 2008 fun day. When walking through the school I just had to laugh. Two good friends that where with me have since passed on Bruce Bockel and Bevan Panano. Some of the teachers I remember are Miss Olive, Mrs Peebles, Mr Mornbrown, Mr Slone with his storys. Still living in Edenvale. Anybody who wants to catch up drop me a line.

Glenda Renney, (nee Feben) (1978)

Left std 5 in 1978 with my brother Russell Feben. Sister Shelley Feben was one of the first Std 5’s to finish at Dunvegan. I have been married to Alan Renney for the past 24 yrs, have 2 children Kyle 20 and Tayla 17. Unfortunately neither of them attended DUNVEGAN so they didn’t have the great experience we all did. Remember Shayne Walters, Jonathan Binnion, Martin Maroun, Gavin Phillips (whatever happened to him)? Hayley Gill was Head girl in my year. If anyone remembers – please contact me.

Marylou Kneale (1975)

What fun to read! Married and (still) living in Johannesburg. High School – Jeppe Girls.  2 delightful children – 8 and 6. Have my own market research company for the past 8 years. Teachers who still stick in my mind – Mrs Kleynhans (grade 2) and Mr Harris (grade 4 and 5). Remember some good friends – Glenda, Angela, Shani, Louise, Debbie, Andy, Wayne, and yes, I remember Mark!

Mandy de Agrella(Moore) (1979)

Loved all 7 years especially Miss Olive and her awesome car. Miss those fun filled days and friends Leigh, Lisa, Tracey etc.  What an awesome school.  Now living in New Zealand two daughters Tam 18 and Kate 15 and hubby Peter.

Stuart Cromarty (1976)

Graduated from DPS in 1976.  Live in USA – moved in 1984 on a swimming scholarship to Boston University.  After college stayed in USA and did a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I am a Professor of Biology at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts and currently teach anatomy and physiology and neuroscience.  I also recently became the Women’s Swimming Head Coach. Been a lot of fun recruiting swimmers.  I was friends with Peter Birch, Debbie Mackley, Trevor Williams David Keightley, Colleen Paris, Hayley Gill, Julie Ann Moore, but have lost contact. Where are you guys???? Many of our classmates from DPS and EHS I have found on facebook.  Cheryl McCall (Giovannoni), Gavin Giovannoni, David Keightley to name just a few.  I also went to EHS and graduated in 1981. Would love to hear from any of you that remember me.  Can find me on facebook or on SA reunited. My sister, Doreen Nixon (Cromarty) still lives in Dunvegan.

Zorica Vasilic (1979)

Greetings from Serbia. Attended school to 1979 and then moved to Europe-Serbia. Currently professor of English Language. Miss Olive was the principal then. Wonderful memories. Best friend-Lynda Hunt.

Mark de Freitas  (1977)

Attended Dunvegan from 1973 till1977. Grade 1 to Std 3. I then did my high school at Jeppe High School for Boys. I have my own recruitment business, and we offer a Temporary Employment Service to corporate companies.

Jillian du Plessis (nee Longstaff) (1979)

I attended Dunvegan from 1977 to 1979, then went to Edenvale High. I still have contact with old friends from those days, particularly Robin Nicholas & Collette Rattray (nee ten Brink).  Others from around the world via Facebook etc. I live in Edenvale (3 blocks from the school) & my youngest son attends Dunvegan, eldest son (23) lives in UK. I work for Pick n Pay as a Clinic Sister. I have fond memories of Sports Days, Miss Olive (& her 'takkie') and Mr. Sloanes' creepy but imaginative story-telling - he liked Edgar Allan Poe stories, didn't he? And who could forget one year-end concert where he dressed in drag & sang

" if I were  a Rich Man"!! (Veld-school was fun too, although I don't think we thought so at the time!) Anyone who remembers me, please send me a message.

Michael Hodgson (1975)

I started in grade 1 at old Hurlyvale prefab school and had Miss Fisher as teacher. The new Dunvegan School opened in 1970  and when in Miss Kleynhans’ class we spent most breaks picking up stones while the soccer fields were being grassed. At that stage I wasn’t sure if I was at primary school or at a juvenile penitentiary!!!, but when the grass grew and we were finally allowed to play on it in Std 1 - many happy memories were made. The great teachers like Mrs Sykes, Johnston, Bothma, Harris, Newman  and of course  Miss Olive ensured that we went on to high school with a good education and grounding for the future. Fond memories of good friends – Kenny Clark, Greg Gascoigne, Larry Cook, Michael Morte to name few .   Married for 21 years with  two sons  and live in Fourways.

Joao Alves (1975)

Great to see some familiar names - a real blast from the past! I was at Dunvegan for only 2 years - 1974/75, but that was enough to have made it my favorite school of all. I have vivid memories of skating on the cricket pitch before school in winter and the line of marbles (pits) players along the foot of the concrete stands at break time. My best memories however were of the football team, alongside friends such as Robbie Pullen, Eric Falletisch, Michael Morte, Clive Borchards, Greg Jardine, Kenny Clark and others. The highlight was definitely  when we won the schools' McCallugh and Bothwell Shield in 1974 in the final at the Rand Stadium against St Paul's! After studying at Wits and qualifying as a CA, I moved to Portugal when I now lead one of the Big4 accounting firms. I have been married for 24 years and have 2 great kids - 22 and 19, both studying in the UK.

Lindsay Strachan (1978)






I remember a great final year at Dunvegan Primary with a fantastic class of great people (kids then). Dancing to Grease and The Beatles at the many class parties we had. Mrs Peebles was a really a great person and teacher and I remember Mr Sloane who was quite the best teacher I think I ever had. Hi Brandon, Garth, Karen and Glenda - where are the others? - Stuart, Robin, Haley, Jean, Janine, Grant, ...

I'm an Engineer, studied at University of Natal and masters in Cagliari, Italy. Now living in Durban and still enjoying life. Divorced, one great son Matteo who is now14 and engaged to Sabrina.


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1980 to 1984



Kevin Wilson (1982)

Sr. SAP Solution Architect with Qdata USA, Inc. and COO of Genieholdings.com, Inc. doing SAP related website portals and book publishing through Genie Press. Still in contact with a few mates like Erland Otte, Grant Leishman and a bunch others through facebook.

Grant Leishman (1982)

Qualified accountant, now doing IT project management

Craig Krummeck (1982)


Alison Armstrong (Leishman) (1984)

Occupational Therapist. I am currently working at the University of the Witwatersrand as a lecturer. On the 22 January 2000 I married Darren Leishman - another past pupil!

Kerry Johnson (1985)

Managing Editor of SA Home Owner magazine. Spent 19 months in London and had quite a few small world moments - Michaeljohn Macintosh was friends with the neighbours, who included Tony Knowles, who also keeps in touch with Murray Carter (who is a client of my magazine)! Also know that Nicola Maxwell is a doctor in a Welsh hospital.

Karen Oelofse (nee McCall) (1981)

Working in the accounting and financial fields

Vilko Kovago (1983)

I take one day at a time, and enjoying my wife and two sons to the fullest - planning for the next.

Tania Mitchell (Meyer) (1982)

My husband and I own our own Gearbox Company. I handle all sales and Finances. Married with 3 kids. I have a wonderful husband and family. I can't believe how old we all are now!!!!!!!! My son attends Dunvegan Primary.

Craig Lochore(1980)

Was first in engineering, now involved in Commercial and Quotomation of the engineering industry. I think it's great that Dunvegan Primary School has a web site for all the past and present pupils where we can communicate and perhaps assist each other in business and life. Dunvegan has by far the best reputation and I hope that we can keep it that way. Congratulations to Mrs. Dodrill on her permanent position appointment.

Alex Smith (1981)

Married with children (2 girls), and now living back in England (6 years). Weather is lousy, but everything else is great. Starting to feel old, as I have just realised its been 20 years since I left Dunvegan Primary.

Luon Anderson (Buttress) (1982)

Married with two boys (5 and 2) I am sending my oldest sun to Dunvegan next year for Grade one - we have come full circle!

Laila Fleming (nee Moody 1982)

I'm another one who left for the "sunny" shores of England! I'm now married to the best bloke in the world, and have 2 girls who seem to be cheekier than I was at their age! It's great to see all the people who I grew up with all those years ago coming back to leave their names on the website. If you remember me, please send me an e-mail.

Rosalind Barbour (1984)

I am a Property Analyst. I live in Oranjezicht, Cape Town. Graduated from Stellenbosch University with BALLB in 1994. Lived and worked in Europe for2 and a half years. Admitted as an attorney and conveyancer at the end of 1998. Did the Accountant's Conversion Course at UCT in 2000 and obtained by B Comm (Financial Accounting) in 2001. Currently working for Old Mutual.

Karla Scobbie (nee van Greune) (1981)

Left Dunvegan Primary in 1981 after only 2 years.  Went on to Edenvale High School and matriculated there in 1986. Went on to obtain my B.Prim. Ed. Degree and taught in the primary school for 5 years after taking a break to have my 2 babies (boys), now aged 7 and 3.  Am currently teaching English (Gr. 8 & 9) in an Afrikaans High School in Witbank, where I moved after I graduated.  Married my matric blind-date and have been married for 11 years. Was very excited to find a website for both my old schools.  Yes, I remember Miss Newman.  I even went back to Dunvegan during one of my teaching prac's, and she was just the same.  Some things never change, do they?

Orlando Geraldo (1981)


I attended Dunvegan Primary from 1975 through to 1981 (Grade 1 to Standard 5).  Would it be possible to locate any photographs for this period of time? Who remembers how strict Mrs Newman was?????


Brian Dukes (1984)

Hickory Dickory Doc
The Mouse Ran up the Clock
The Clock stuck One
Mimosa won!
Hickory Dickory Doc

Aah, good memories. I remember screaming that one out on that great big sports ground. After Std 5, I went to Jeppe Boys then Wits Tech. I now live in Durbanville, Cape Town where I work as a programmer. Hi Orlando, read your comment: We used to dread Mrs Newman’s class. She had us lining our chairs up with tape strips on the floor. My sisters, Janice and Carolyn, also went to Dunvegan.

Christopher (Stoff) Gunning (1982)

I was the fourth Gunning to go through the school so the odds were against me trying to stay under the radar. Good friends like Craig Krummeck made sure that we were visiting the office with painful regularity. I have been in various industries from Toys to Mining, so please tell Miss Newman that nothing has changed, and I am still battling to focus. I have a Daughter Cassidy who is in Grd 3 this year and my mom (Pam Gunning) has finally retired "from active duty".

Janice Wraith (nee King) (1980)

Married to Peter - also a past pupil of Dunvegan Primary (1977).  Have 3 children, Jess 15, Shelby 11 and Jared 3. Immigrated to Perth in 1998.  Remember lots of people from Primary school: Warren McCann, Elizabeth Lindsay, Michelle Gilltrow, Jacky White, Tracey Shearer, Caroline ?? and remain very good friends with Sharon Re, Jacky Cooke and Mandy Zachau.  Miss Newman - need a few of her to keep the kids today on the straight and narrow...Fantastic memories.  Go Jacaranda!!!

Tracey Shearer (1980)

Gosh about to turn 39. Living in the UK and loving it! Real hard work though! Not married, but living with long term partner. Have two beautiful cats who are my children. They are Maine Coons - Tiggy-Boy and Mai-Mai. By the way - a message to Janice King. It was Caroline Knuckey - you couldn't remember her surname. Does any-one know Where Monique Lewis lives?

Thomas Blom (1981)

Wow, so many memories … I live on the sunny South Coast of Durban (if only I had studied harder I would have been there sooner but certain influences on this page prevented that) with ny wife Charmaine and two boys Dieter (9) and Brandon (6). I’m still in the Motor Industry and run a dealership on the South Coast. Most of the time is taken up by mountain biking and the One That Got Away … I always get asked, “Are you still so Fast?” No, I’m not because I’m 38 years old and much, much heavier. To all those teachers that taught me, I hope these comma things and full stops are in the right places. Dunvegan does Rule – I like it so much I stayed an extra year in Standard 5! Would love to hear from friends or anuone that knew me, but not those influences on this page – you know who you are! Ha, Ha, Ha!

Rodney Bailey (1984)

I went to school at Dunvegan for 3 years leaving at the end of standard 5, I still have very fond memories of the school and everything I got up to, I have just looked at your website and I remember Mr Hull very well, I knew his office and cane very well. I also remember a Miss James, I also remember a lovely little teacher named Mrs Macreadie and I can still remember the library. I don’t now if its the same Miss James that you have there now, She was very strict. I played and captained the football team and remember we were not that bad actually. I now live in the UK and am married and have 2 boys of my own now. I am also a Governor at the village primary school. I am writing is to try and track down two of my friends at the school when I was there, Darren Lewis and Gillian Heron They went to Edenvale High after primary school, but I went to Benoni and we lost touch, but they were quite an important part of my life back then and I was hoping that someone may have an address or contact details that I could try. It still looks like a great school.

Darren Lewis (1984)

I have very fond memories of Dunvegan and am luckily still in touch with friends from back then. Most of them have amounted to.... not much, but all seem to be happy. From acorns, some of us became tumbleweed and other shrubs and weeds. There might be a couple of willow trees somewhere but not very common. I am living in Australia happily married to my French Canadian wife with a 2 year old son and one due in December. Nuno Morais is still my best mate even though he has not accomplished much in life. He still haunts the avenues so please keep a look out. Dunvegan was the best!

Janice Rowles (nee Dukes) (1982)

My Husband Colin and myself manage a 64 thousand hectare reserve bordering on to the Kruger National Park.  We have two daughters Jessica and Rebecca, who love horse riding, Jessica has received both her Mpumalanga and Limpopo colours for competitive riding. I will never forget Ms Newman (What, when, where and why) , stand in line shortest to tallest, her 2 litre bottle of TAB in class and cigarette ash in all my English books.  I still have the parker pen that we all got in standard five!  The sports grounds were always so great and the school so neat and tidy.  This brings back some foggy old memories.

Carol Brandt (nee Olivier) (1983)

Left in 1983 (was in std 3, so knew the 1985 leaving crowd)

I remember miss Olive and Mr Hull, My Gr 1 teacher was Miss Litke and Gr 2 was Mrs Keyser, Std 1 was Mrs Stewart I think.  I remember the Library and the library teacher Mrs McCreadie. Loved the “Big Walks” and screaming for my sports house Mimosa. I was in the choir, the percussion band, did gymnastics and the swimming team.  What a wonderful life it was being at Dunvegan Primary. Would really like to trace down a good friend from the same year – Deidre van Rooyen. I am now a Metallurgist, who is involved in training process operators on the mines.

Brad Vanner (1984)

Currently living in London, working in the world of IT doing networking. Still have fantastic memories of Dunvegan - Miss Newman’s English classes were a highlight (?), as were sports days and the great Willow House. Still very good mates and in regular contact with Roy Manthey and Grant Leask.

Alan Olivier (1980)

Very fond memories of Dunvegan Primary with friends like John Hayman, Warren McCann, Glen Fullerton to name but a few. Reading comments in the past pupils definitely jogged some memories of old friends and teachers. Represented Dunvegan on the soccer field as well as Cricket Field. I Can Remember teachers like Mr White, Mr Sloane, Mrs Newman and Mrs Sellars that armed us with what we needed to go into the wide world. Still staying In SA and do some weekend farming outside Rustenburg. Employed by Anglo American Platinum in Rustenburg as a Rock Mechanics Engineer, Married to Angela and have two wonderful children.

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1985 to 1989



Dean Ferris

Residing in London, Qualified Physiotherapist

Jerome Wiehe (1989)


Susan Van Rensburg (Magnus) (1987)

Former Grade7 Science Teacher at Dunvegan

Trevor Van Rensburg (1985)

Account Manager in a Computer Software Company

James Walsh (1985)

Stock Broker. Myself, Angus Fullerton, Trevor van Rensburg and Leon van Honschooten went to Dunvegan Nursery School, then Dunvegan Primary and then onto Jeppe. We still see each other often. My 2 brothers, Richard and Bruce also enjoyed their time at Dunvegan.

Darren Leishman (1985)

Audio-visual systems consultant working in the corporate sector.

John Karle (1985)

Manufacture Office chairs

Richard Walsh (1986)

Qualified at Hotel School, but looking to get into the computer industry. I travelled the world for 4 years, but I am happy to be back in SA.

Katharine Liese (1989)

Did a B.Comm (Communication) and a B.Com (Marketing Management) hnrs at RAU. I am a lecturer in Communication at RAU University. Am busy with my MA in Marketing Communication at present.

Bruce Walsh (1989)

After finishing a B.Comm at Rhodes, I am now in London on a working holiday and I am on target to start backpacking the continent in the beginning of August.

Neil Hayman (1985)

Work for Asset Management division of Rand Merchant Bank Properties. Still good friends with most of my friends from Dunvegan Primary such as Trevor van Rensburg, John Karle, Darren Leishman and Ryan Callaghan

Sarah Wemyss (1986)

After leaving Dunvegan I went to Holy Rosary and then studied to be a physiotherapist at WITS. I have been working as a paediatric physiotherapist in S.A. and the U.K. for the last 5 years.

Ryan Steppe (1988)

BSc Business Science - University of Richmond. I have been studying in America for four years and I am now working in Manhattan and having a great time.

Nicola Maxwell (1985)

After matriculating at Edenvale High, I studied Medicine at Wits. I have been in the UK since 1998, completing my training as a paediatrician. I am thoroughly enjoying life and work in Wales!

Beverley Bradnick (formerly Tod) (1987)

Studied Fine Arts and Business Management at WITS, now working as a Graphic Designer in Sydney, Australia

Tarro van der Poel (1988)

Distribution/Facilities Manager for a company in the U.K.

Fiona Smyth (1988 Std 2)

I left Dunvegan in 1988 when I was in Standard 2. I now live in Ireland. It would be great to hear from any of my old school mates (who would have finished in 1991)

Suzi Roberts (Rademan)

Qualified as a teacher but am currently a professional sales medical rep. (more money!!) I am married, living in Durban and expecting my first baby in December. Still in contact with Robin Callaghan and Bruce Robson

Neil Rankin (1988)

Researcher / Student

Barry Shamley (1987)

Studied B.A. (Law ) at Wits and Bcomm. Hons at UCT. Fund Manager at Investec, currently residing in Cape Town

Caryn Brits (1985)

I am a Radio Producer/Art buyer for an advertising agency in Cape Town. Overwhelmed to see the site and familiar names – it really bought back good memories.

Jacquie Niemand (nee Cloete)


Living in Dunvegan. Working in Sandton as a Web Designer. Now married with 4 children. Both my younger brothers (Andrew and Christopher) went to Dunvegan Primary.

Alda Rusconi (1986)

I work in Milan for a company that manages a fashion brand. I take care of the Licensing Office and work closely with my Administrator in coordinating the relationship with the sub-licensees in Europe. After leaving Dunvegan I matriculated at Edenvale High School in 1991, before leaving South Africa for Italy. I have always wanted to get in touch with some old school mates. Maybe I have finally found the way. I look forward to be contacted.

Laura-Ann (Pretorius) Abraham (1986)

Both my brother Leon and I are past pupils. Leon started at Dunvegan in my last year. I am married with a daughter and live in Edenglen. I work at the Airports Company south Africa (ACSA) based at Johannesburg International Airport. Leon is a Duty Manager in the hotel industry. He lived in the UK for 2-3 years but has also now settled in Edenglen. My daughter is currently at Elma Park Pre-primary and starts Grade 1 in 2005. I am hoping she will be accepted into Dunvegan.

Carolyn van den Berg (nee Dukes) (1989)


After leaving Dunvegan I went to Jeppe girls after which my family moved to Hoedspruit in the Lowveld.  I did a Girl Friday course and bookkeeping to trial balance.  At the moment, my husband, Carl (previously from East London) and I are currently managing a big five game farm.  We have two boys.

Craig Schlebusch (1985)

Quite excited at the possibilty of being able to make contact with some old mates. Friends with Darren Leishman, John Karle and Neil Hayman.

Maroso Marco (1987)


I'm Maroso Marco from Italy and noticed your webpage while I was searching the web for memories on my 11 year period living in South Africa. Me , my brother and sister (Marco , Gino , Diana Maroso) have been in Dunvegan Primary School and have lived magic moments of our life.

Things have changed since those years, and now we are back in Italy since 1986. Often , we still remember those lovely moments when we used to be a happy family living in RSA. I felt an emotion when I saw the photo on the site and suddenly remembered when I was a little boy running on that field and paying attention to not be hit from any soccer ball , which was terrifying for me !!! I'm a married man which has 2 children and I am Computer Technician in a IT society. I still get emotional for certain memories.

Luis Carvalho (1985)

I left Dunvegan (and S.A) in 1985. Now I am living in Madeira, Portugal. I'm working in Funchal as a Architect. I am 32 at the moment. Anyway, I would like to know about other former students, between 1982-1985, like Mark Harbott, Byron (...?), Janine (...?), etc. I still remember Mrs Newman and lining our chairs up with tape strips on the floor.

Wayne Jordan (1985)

Living in Durban trying to contact some old friends like Brett Fisher, James Walsh and whoever else remembers me.

Anton Visser (1989)

Went to Jeppe for High School. Then got my BA from Cumberland University in Nashville, TN. After that I got my Master of Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University. Jenn and I got married in May 2005. We have a wonderful 3 year old son, named Jackson.

Beverley Mare (1985)

I still live in Edenvale and work in Rosebank, I had great fun going through the website, which is very informative.  I have a daughter who will probably go to Dunvegan. The time I spent at Dunvegan was great and I have lovely memories.

Tracy Maritz (nee Hudson) (1985)

Dunvegan Primary on the web... Times have changed! What a trip down memory lane. Great to see all the familiar names after all these years. My husband and I own a Set Building company in Johannesburg (a far cry from the polystyrene sets we used to build for our drama classes with Mrs Guillhermie back in 1985).

Robert Anthony Allen (1987)

Great School, I have lots of good memories. Hope to send my son to Dunvegan in a few years. It would be great to see a few more pic's from past years 1981-1987. Still living in Edenvale, currently employed as a Project Manager for a System Integrator in Rivonia.

Peter Liese (1989)

I left Dunvegan in 1989 to go to St Benedicts College. After Matric I went to the international hotel school and finished in 2001. I left for England in 2002 and am currently Sous Chef for one of the oldest and most famous country house hotels in England.

William Hayes (1981-1986)

Left in the middle of Std 3 to spend time with my Gran in England before arriving back in SA the day before my Dad uprooted the entire family to the Cape!! Don’t really remember anyone from back than due to the abrupt nature of my departure, except for Mrs Newman! Now living in UK, where I have been for 13 years, with my wonderful Australian girlfriend and working in Banking IT recruitment. If anyone has any memories of me, let me know.

Tanya Switala (nee Munkelt) (1988)   

I live in Marlands,  I have now been married for 7 years and have 2 beautiful daughters.  My oldest will be 4 in May and my youngest has just turned 1.  I work mornings only and spent all my afternoons playing with my girls.

Kathleen Ireland (nee Dost) (1986)

I left Dunvegan Primary  at the end of standard 5 in 1986. Our standard 5 farewell was Halloween and we all had to dress up in Halloween fancy dress.  It was a memorable evening of witches and ghosts. I’m now married and have a son. I matriculated at Sandringham High School and went to Adelaide, Australia on Rotary Exchange. Returned to RSA and studied BA LLB at Wits. Decided to take a break and was a flight attendant at SAA for a few years before doing my articles and qualifying as an attorney. I now have my own practice and consult during the mornings at Comair Limited in Aviation Law.

Jolene Rich (1988)

Still living in Bedfordview. Completed a BA (English & Communications) and currently HR Manager at TRM. Miss Newman would be proud! Would love to catch up with the class mates I haven't found on Facebook yet.

Gillian Stanton (1988)

Left in Standard 5.

Glen Van Niekerk (1989)

Attended Dunvegan Primary grade one to standard 5 -1989. Living in Marais Steyn Park, happily married for 5 years. Working at Nedbank as a Business Analyst. Remember Dunvegan well, Miss Newman, Mr Rothschild and Mr Hull. Lots of very good memories.

Tanya Munkelt (Switala) (1988)

Home sweet home - my little girl Caitlynn started grade 1 at Dunvegan this year.  She’s loving it.  What a fantastic school, I just love being back.

Ciara Reintjes(1988)

Wow time flies. I qualified as a chartered accountant and now work at the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors. Very happily married to Alex, with three children – Eerin (4) and twins Kyle and Kimi (3). We live in Kyalami and have contact with a lot of friends from school via Facebook. We still regularly see Andrea and Monika Kraushaar! (Andrea and I were inseparable at Dunvegan). I remember especially Miss Newman.

Andrea Forrester (1986)

After leaving South Africa in 1988 I moved to Germany where I completed my education. I currently live in the U.K. and am a qualified Biomedical Scientist with two children.

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1990 to 1994



Heather Allan (1994)

Completing a MBBch

Arnaud Wiehe (1991)

Wits University

Lisa Steppe (1992)

At City Varsity doing Multimedia

Liane Warburton (1993)

I am studying at J.C.E.

Justine Finaughty (1994)

Currently trying to get into the Cadet Pilot Programme at SAA

Louise Wemyss (1991)

After leaving Dunvegan Primary I went to Holy Rosary and then to Wits where I have just completed a BSc in Occupational Therapy. I am currently blissfully unemployed!

Gary Hemmings (formerly Carter) (1992)

I am the Traffic ABO for the West Berkshire Police Area, Thames Valley Police, England. I am living in Newbury, Berkshire and welcome contact from past pupils.

Cindy Taylor (1991)

After leaving Dunvegan I went to Edenvale High and then went on to study Graphic Design. I now live in London and I work in the Artwork department in a Graphic Design company that deals with computer and console games! It would be lovely to hear from past pupils to see how they are doing!

Shane Bond (1991)

Trying to become a pilot. (Still chasing dreams)

Tamara Lee Fisher (1994)

Just finishing 3rd year of my bachelor's degree. I am doing a B.A. in psychology. I work at the Children's Aid society and as a fitness instructor at York University. I also work as a teaching assistant at a kindergarten in Singapore in the summers when I go home.

Katie Fisher (1994)

I am at the Canadian International School and am due to get my high school diploma in June 2002. I will then head on to do a Bachelor of Music in Australia. I left SA in 1994 to come to Singapore and I still have not forgotten Dunvegan. Looking at this website and its photos and info reminds me of my years there. I loved it and the experience will be with me for the rest of my life!

Fiona Smyth (1988 Std 2)

I left Dunvegan in 1988 when I was in Standard 2. I now live in Ireland. It would be great to hear from any of my old school mates (who would have finished in 1991)

Monica Kraushaar (1993)

I completed my B Com Financial Management degree in 2001 and am currently completing my Honours degree in Investment Management.

Darren & Jacquelyn Frittelli (1993)

Attending Stellenberg High School, and loving Cape Town.

Lauren Graham (1993)

I have just completed my B.A (Sociology) degree and will be studying for my honours degree in Development Studies next year.

Sharn de Klerk (1994)

Studying BA linguistics plus French and German at Wits. I spent 3 years in England - Best three years.

Russell Yong (1993)

Studied at Rhodes (Grahamstown) from 1999-2003. Ended up with a B.Sc (Hons) in both Computer Science and Information Systems. I'm currently working for British American Tobacco in Stellenbosch.

Natalie Railton (nee Shamley) (1994)


Left Dunvegan and attended Sandringham High School. Studied at Hotel School and currently working in Customer Care Relations position at a company based in Benrose. Married with a ten month old son.

Andre van Honschooten (1991)

After completing an Engineering degree at WITS, I am pursuing an IT career in the USA. I look forward to hearing from my old class mates.

Katie Llewellyn-Smith (1994)

Now an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa practicing in Johannesburg. Thank you for the most incredible foundational grounding that was extended to me at Dunvegan Primary.

Nicola Pringle (nee Sands) (1990)

I came across your school website when I was looking for a holiday to South Africa. I used to be a pupil at your school around about 1990, and left when I was supposed to attend Edenvale High.  I was the Scottish Girl with not a lot to say, and not very good at Afrikaans!!!  J The pictures of the school bring me back to happier times. I loved the school and it still seems a very happy place indeed. Unfortunately my parents returned to Scotland 1991.  I am thinking about visiting South Africa again with my new Husband and would love to show him my old school and old house. We are even thinking of moving to South Africa to live one day. I remember the big tree in the grounds where we use to sit when it was too hot in the classroom, and the biology class, where I use to clean out the Pink Salamander tank. Ohhhh, and the Hamster who bit me!!!

Paola Rusconi (1991)

After finishing Primary School at Dunvegan I left South Africa in 1991and came to live in Italy. I work as a Customer Service Supervisor in Milan for an American Insurance Company. I'm getting married next year. It would be really fantastic to get in touch with some of my old school mates.

Sean McCann (1993)

Went on to Jeppe Boys, Matriculated there in 1998. From There I went on to do a diploma in Electronic Engineering at the Johannesburg Technical college. I am now finishing my Diploma in Nature Conservation at Tshwane University of Technology (formally Pretoria Technikon.). Future plans: Do my honours in Nature Conservation. Work as a "Game Ranger" in the Kruger National Park.

Shannon Haydon (1990)

Attended DPS: Gr 1 - Std 5 (1984 - 1990) Work in the Accounts Department of a hardware retail chain called Mitre 10 (NZ) Ltd. Will be looking to further my studies next year. Met my partner of 8 years in South Africa. We moved out to New Zealand together 2 years ago as we fell in love with the country. I attended Germiston High School from 1991 - 1995, as my family moved to Germiston while I was in Std 5. I loved being at Dunvegan Primary. I enjoyed all the house events - go Willow! (I still remember trekking to the pools up the road). I have great memories of cake sales, movies on the odd Friday in the school hall, singing in the choir with Mrs Johnson, art class was great fun. First aid was good to know - but has left me now! I still remember the school song tune and all the words! I wish I'd kept all my school magazines and memorabilia (like the Haley's Comet coins).

Chris Visser (1991)

After leaving DPS I went to Jeppe, followed by an engineering BS and MS in the US. Currently living/working/playing near Boulder, Colorado.

Kerryn Malcolm (nee Thompson)


Came across this site per chance. Went to Jeppe Girls. Studied Law and Science degrees in New Zealand. Met my wonderful Kiwi husband who is a dentist (great career choice). We have two babies - Deborah and Daniel and therefore I am currently Mum. Otherwise, waiting for the Springboks to beat the All Blacks!

Lyndal Thompson (1993) 

Went to JGHS, studied BSoc Sci at Rhodes, completed my Masters in Education at Delta State University in the USA whilst on a tennis scholarship. Sports Director of Treverton College in the Midlands. It is a great school! Playing lots of sport and currently engaged to Richard Robertson.

Bronwyn Wilkinson (1994)

Graduated from Edenvale High school in 1999. Went on to get a higher diploma in therapeutic massage therapy and alternative therapies. Run my own practice from home. Engaged to be married early next year. Have a gorgeous 3 year old son.

Tyrone Woods  (1991)

Left DPS and went to Jeppe Boys High. Studied advertising. Am currently running my own business. Get in touch. Check out www.motherland.co.za

Lee Watts (1994)

Now living in Cape Town. Travelled most of Europe over the last 8 years and have also lived and worked in Spain and the UK. I am pleased to see that members of the staff such as Mr Johnson and Mr Laidley are still around. I was at the school in the early 90s and remember playing cricket for Mr Laidley and Soccer for Mr Johnson, in fact I was captain of the soccer team in under 11 and under 12. The head boy of my final year was also my best friend Murray Jardine, who unfortunately is no longer with us I am proud to have been part of the Dunvegan set-up. Every once in a while I think back to memories of Dunvegan with charming affection. What a great start to any child’s schooling career.

Tristan Winslow (1993)

I studied animation and went on to work in an advertising company, creating visual effects and animated adverts. I now work at a film company producing visual effects for films and adverts.

Neil McLaren (1994)


I left DPS & went to Jeppe Boys High till standard 8. I completed my matric at Edenvale High School in 99. I went on to university for 4 years where I received a BSc Information Systems. I then worked in Botswana for a while & now I’m back in Jozy. I’m currently working at a SAP consultant for a consulting company. The things I remember most about DPS was Mr Johnson...one of my best teachers….that man can could jack…trust me! I would love to hear from people who were in my year.

Christelle Larkins (nee Merven) (1990)

Wow how the time has passed. I left Dunvegan in 1990 (almost 17 years ago) - was head girl that year.  I can't believe that Mrs Greig and Mrs Peebles are still there!!  I'm now married and have 2 kids, Jayden is 4 and Nicole is almost 2.  I now live in Midrand and am the Area Sales Manager for a UPS company.  Have great memories from Dunvegan - what a great school.  If we ever move back to the vale will definitely send my kids there!   Would love to hear from old classmates or staff.

Marius Badenhorst (1994)

After finishing at Dunvegan I went on to high school at Edenvale High. I left Edenvale High and completed nine and matric at Eden Collage. After matric, I studied studio sound engineering. I went over to the U.K. after that and found a real passion for the hospitality industry. I have to date completed a certificate in Food and Beverage Management as well as a Three year diploma in Hospitality Management through the  Three Cities International Hotel School and the American Hotel and Lodging Association. I now run a 150 seater Italian Restaurant.

Natasha Taylor (1994)

Attended Dunvegan from 1990 -1994 left half way through standard 5 now grade 7. Currently work on a super yacht travelling around between Caribbean and Med.

Alexandra Hall (nee Merven) (1992)

Now married and have changed to Alexandra Hall should anyone want to look me up on Facebook. I finished Standard 5 in 1992 and then went to Edenglen High. My sister Christelle Merven was actually Head Girl in 1990. I absolutely loved Dunvegan and have such amazing memories. I am still in SA and living in Midrand.

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1995 to 1999



Kristy Elliot (1999)

Attending school at Staley Middle School

Peter Lambert (1999)

At Jeppe High School for Boys (The Best!)

Candyce Boonzaier (1998)

Attending school at Edenglen High School.

Lesa-Jo Cloete (1999)

Attending St. Andrew's School for Girls. I entered a School Science Expo and won a gold and best Environmental Project. I will be going through to regionals in August.

Aimee Rutherford (1999)

Hey, moved again! In England now, doing my last year at school, then I'll be on to 6th Form, pretty scary and hectic. It's really nice to be able to keep up with Dunvegan from so far away!! I miss every minute of it!

Bradley Johnson (1996)

At Jeppe High School - Jeppe IS THE BEST!

Timothy Johnson (1998)

Jeppe High School - Jeppe RULZ 4 EVER

Wade Dingle (1998)

Jeppe Boyz

Jessica Joy (1999)

Davidson High School. I am enjoying Australia. I miss my friends at Dunvegan.

Kent Raines (1998)

Jeppe High School - Play sport brew

Caroline Joy (1999)

Mimosa Primary School. Hello to all my friends at DPS in South Africa. I miss you.

David Reid (1998)

Jeppe Boys

Frances Crossley (1996)

Holy Rosary. My years at Dunvegan were really memorable ....but high school rulz! Holy Rosary is BEST!!!

John Crossley (1999)

At St. Johns. The work seems easy, Science is cool, the rest is pretty normal. St Johns is the best!!!

Stuart Smith (1997)

St Benedict's College. I liked Dunvegan A LOT MORE than St. Benedict's

Michelle and Nicole Marder (1998)

Edenvale High - both in the same class which is Cool. We are enjoying Edenvale High doing a lot of sports and would love to run in the Olympics and the Comrades. Dunvegan has really improved a lot! We say hi to all our buds...Lauren, Melissa, Matthew, Janet, Caitlin, Candyce, Meghan, Robert, Mrs Roriston, Mrs Murrell, Miss Ritter, Mr Laidley and not to forget Mr Johnson

Robert De Bruin (1996)

Jeppe Boys, Tennis, Rugby, Athletics. Dunvegan is a great school and will always be a great school. My years there were the greatest years of my life and it was sad to have to say goodbye. Won't ever forget my years at Dunvegan. It was a privilege to go to such a great school.

Hayley Hutton (1996)

Holy Rosary School

Natasha van Wijk (1996)

Hello everybody who remembers me! I have been in Australia since 1997 & have many great memories of Dunvegan which are even more special now that I don't live in South Africa anymore! I MISS EVERYONE SOOOO MUCH!!! It would be great to hear from you. My years at Dunvegan were great, we just had so much fun! Hello to all the teachers that remember me. I still live in Brisbane, Australia and am in my 3rd year at university doing a degree in health and physical education teaching.  I am on prac at the moment so I am actually doing quite a bit teaching and am absolutely loving it!

Monique Van Wijk (1996)

Within the 5 years that I attended Dunvegan Primary, I had a ball. Although I left in Grade 5, I know that I would've had the best time if I had stayed till the end of Grade 7. I'd like to thank and say hello to all my teachers and to all my friends if you happen to read this. I miss you all very much and I'll never forget you. Dunvegan Primary holds some of my fondest memories and I will never forget such an excellent school. I am now in first year at university doing a degree in
occupational therapy

Nicole Farr (1997)

Edenvale High. I am enjoying Edenvale High School. However, it was such a privilege

David Peyton (1999)

At St. Benedict's College

Kelly Cowan (1998)

Jeppe Girls' - Loving Jeppe

Tenille Ross (1996)

Potchefstroom High School for Girls.
At the moment I am busy doing my PPL (Private Pilot's License) I love aeroplanes and hope to be a pilot when I leave school.

Tarryn Fouche (1996)

Holy Rosary. Dunvegan is the best primary school ever, and definitely the best years of my life so far were had there. Thanks for all the memories and all the fun times!!!

Joane Danvers (1995)

Edenvale High. I now model and I once worked at Video spot. I have modelled at big place e.g. Eastgate and all over

Will Sharman (1999)

Attending Sackville School. I miss my old class (6.2) Mrs Lochner was the best teacher ever. I hate it here and I wish I was with you now. All my love and please write soon. Wacky Will

Darren Petersen (1997)

Attending Ramsgate / Creston college - merged at the end of 2000 in Port Shepstone. I work as a waiter at a restaurant. Mrs S Greig - All my love.

Bryan Stewart (1999)

At Edenvale High. Love sport and music.

Lauren Hutton (1999)

At Holy Rosary. Dunvegan is such a brilliant school - I really miss not having an S.U. group.

Ross Goodwin (1995)

I am in England doing a Gap Year at Reeds School where I am coaching sport and experiencing the world. Thanks for the great website, it was great to see my old school looking so good. I will be forever grateful for everything that Dunvegan provided for me.

Timmy Lin (1997)

At St. Benedict's College. As you know I love music so that is why I am a DJ. I love my sport, but am not playing tennis anymore, I play basketball, and am going to play for Southern Transvaal next year. I hope you guys will contact me. Well guys don't forget - Dunvegan School is BEST!!!

Raffy Visser (1996)

My years at Dunvegan were truly enjoyable. From Grade 1 to Bush Pigs. Sports Days were the best; GO Mimosa! Dunvegan taught us a little something about life, and how to appreciate heritage. I'm now in my last year of school and I'm a student pilot. Watch out for me in the skies! Hi to all my old buddies and I hope to see you all soon.

Gary Chen (1999)

At Edenvale High School

Kelli Quirk (1997)

Jeppe Girls. I'm still a sports fundi - rowing, diving and cross country, and still running around like a chicken with its head chopped off! Dunvegan years were the best years of my life and the friends I made are still stuck by my side. If I could say anything about Dunvegan it would be how much I want to go back! Life goes on, but the memories will never fade!

Shaye Webb

Attending the National School of Arts, studying drama. I thank Dunvegan because it was at Dunvegan that I was given the opportunities to perform. Mrs Ferris entered me into a poetry competition in Grade 1. I can still remember it, I was so tiny and got up on stage in front of the whole school and said my poem- and I won. The other time that I remember performing was in the production of the Wizard of Oz, put on by Mrs Murrell, I was a munchkin. After being in that play I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in acting. During my time at the NSA I have been in a number of productions and have really been able to further my talent in acting. DUNVEGAN PRIMARY SCHOOL is a wonderful place where I built many good friendships and a place that I have wonderful memories of. Some of the great memories that I have are those of going to Bushpigs in Std 5, Mr Laidley's classes and many many more.

Bianca Ghisleni (1999)

Attending Jeppe High School for Girls. I play waterpolo and hockey

Karim Hamdi

Student at AinShams University, Faculty of Engineering Hi guys,hope you recall Karim the egyptian kid who joined Dunvegan in 1995 and left in 1996. I spent wonderful times in Dunvegan and I have so many memories which I will never forget. I joined now faculty of engineering in Cairo. I miss you all so much. I would like to thank all my teachers and I hope to hear from all my teachers and friends.

Teneale Rochat (1996)

I moved to Australia at the beginning of 2001 and I miss home and everyone back there very much. Dunvegan years were fantastic, and my fondest memories go back to those days, thanks for everything Dunvegan and keep up the good work. I am attending Oxley High

Stacey White (1998)

I'm a very successful lady and I'm missing Dunvegan and also my old teachers Mrs Greig ,Mrs Graham and Mrs Truscott and all the others. I'm also missing all the happy faces and all my friends that were very sad when I immigrated to New Zealand. Just remember me and all the good times we shared together. I'm a school representitive and I have won 3 art awards. I have been doing very well in my English and Art as you would have guessed. I would really like to hear from you and have lots to tell you all.

Joanne White (1996)

Hey Everybody, excellent work on setting this all up. Thanks must go to Dunvegan for all the wonderful memories I have of the 7 years I spent there, as well as for the friends I'm still in touch with. Presently I'm rowing hard out and have just completed my school netball career (unfortunately hockey got the cut) but am making the most of my last year at school. Love Kiwi Country but would love to come and visit you guys, if any of you are ever in N.Z and need a place to stay, feel free...

Leigh Norton (1995)

Attending Knysna High in Matric (2001). Hey all in Joburg! Dunvegan was the best! I keep many good memories close to my heart. Missing everyone up in Jo'ies. But the coastal life has got the better of me. I am going to study advertising in Cape Town next year.

Kyle Harris (1999)

Attending Edenvale High School

Deanna Bayliss (1997)

5 years have gone so quickly! To think that I am now learning to drive! Hoping to study at RAU next year.... Anyone who remembers me, please drop us an E-mail.

Gazel Mashoko (1997)

First year of college, studying Law, Psychology and Human biology. I'm into Latin-American dancing and I do kickboxing. London has great places to go out with your friend. I love to travel - so far I've been to Italy, France, Spain and I'll be going back to Italy for skiing. So anyone who remembers me...Hi!

Ghada Hamdi (1996)

Hi guys, I hope you recall Ghada the Egyptian girl who joined Dunvegan in 1995 and left in 1996 and returned to Egypt. I spent wonderful times in Dunvegan and I have so many beautiful memories of which I will never forget. I miss you all so much. I would like to thank all my teachers and hope to hear from teachers and friends who might remember me.

Oliver Hurwitz (1999)

Hi Dunveganers - thought you got rid of me hey! Even if I was such a naughty boy, I still spent most of my best years here "the best primary school ever". And believe it or not I learned a lot. Thanks Dunvegan, I will never forget you guys, even if I am on the other side of the world! Miss you all and keep safe. (Even the teachers ...Hee Hee!!)

Taryn Bakker (1996)

I am now working in order to travel overseas next year for 6 months. Hey you all, glad to know you're all doing well. I'm glad to have had the memories I had at my primary school, thank you. I became sporty and have completed 3 years of Provincial waterpolo - school level. I've also been a pretty good all rounder with drama too. I have no idea what the future holds for me, I might try advertising and marketing though, but no matter what, I know God's got a plan for me. I hope to hear from you or see you guys some day, till then - God Bless.

Sarah Holderness (1998)

I am now finished school and studying to be a primary school teacher at Glascat College. I've been living in England for the past 3 years. It is good, but I think the years I had at Dunvegan were amazing. Thanks to the teachers who taught me when I was there.

Justin de Reuck (1999)

At Edenvale High School. Playing 1st team waterpolo. Waiting for life to begin. I am hoping to study sound engineering after matric.

Monique de Reuck (1995)

Matriculated at Jeppe Girls 2000. I spent 2001 in the UK traveled through Europe had an amazing time. Then went on to get a diploma specializing in strategic advertising, brand management and /media planning. I was head hunted out of college into a small agency and have subsequently moved to another agency called Mediology. - God Bless Monique

Cindy Shand (1996)

Attending the University of Colorado in Boulder. I moved to Colorado in 1999 and I love it here. I do miss S.A. and all my friends though. Currently I am studying pre-medicine in the hope of becoming a pediatrician. Well, I want to say hi to Mrs James, Angela, Debbie, Frances, Leigh and all my other friends that I knew back then.

David de Klerk (1996)

I am studying Chiropractic at Wits Tech.

Natalie Ballinger (1997)

I'm in my last year of college, currently studying chemistry,
physics and maths. Hope to study at Bath University next year. Dunvegan were the best years of my life and I always think about it! Love reminiscing about the fun we had. Big hello to all my friends and teachers. Hi to Michelle, Kate, Lezanne, Deeana, Susan, Grant, Tim, Candice and anyone else who remembers me! Missing you all loads.

Steve Attwell (1995)

Work: IT in the west end. Graphic and web design.
Interest: really enjoying being in UK, exploring Europe and its people. So much to do here and you are allowed to drink in public!!

Andrea Murkovic (1997)

In Grade 8 at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School. Miss you Mrs Greig, we think about you often.

Michael Murkovic (1997)

In Iroquois Ridge High School. Glad to see Mrs Greig and the other Photos.

Dejan Gligoric (1995)


Working for an IT company in PMB

Martin Rutkowski (1999)

Dunvegan Primary offered me the best years of my life and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of attending. I am now with Bishop Bavin School in Bedfordview and preparing myself for matric next year. If it wasn't for the strong foundations set for me at Dunvegan Primary, I would have struggled terribly to be where I am now. I would like to thank the following teachers for helping me through the years: Mrs. Leifer; Miss Martin; Mrs. Hall; Mrs Baker; Miss Fiorina; Mrs. Blume; Miss Cacchioni; Miss Magnus; Miss Martindale; Mrs Johnson; Mrs. Peebles; Mrs. Lochner; Mrs. Van der Walt; Mrs. Murrell; Mr. Johnson; Mr. Laidley; Mr. Hull and Mrs. Maaren.

Nicole Kingsley (1999)

Attending Edenvale High School and enjoying it. Been playing provincial hockey for the last 4 years and hope to make it my 5th next year, I’m also the girls 1st team hockey captain. To all those who I knew, good luck for matric in 2004.

Lauren Gale (1997)

I left Dunvegan mid year in Std 4 of 1997.  I've been living in Perth, Western Australia now for 6 and a half years. I am Currently doing my Certificate 4 in Graphic Design.  Hello to everyone who remembers me and especially to Mrs. Johnson (who taught me in Std 3), Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Greig.

Adam Llewellyn -Smith (1996)


Hey everyone I am studying a BA Audio Visual at RAU. Hope everyone is good, would be cool to hear from you. Dunvegan is the best Primary School in the world, and Willow House rocks. Thanks to the teachers, esp Mr. Johnson. Enjoy 2004.

Callum Donnan (1997)

Currently at Wits, doing a BA. Still very good friends with several people from Dunvegan. Best memories mostly revolve around football. Surely there is no better team in the school's history than Open A 1997! Anyone out there who remembers me, please drop me a line. Would be great to hear from you.

Robbie de Fleuriot (1998)


After going to KES for two years my family and I moved to Canada. I am currently travelling across Canada with a Catholic youth ministry called NET (www.netcanada.ca). God is awesome and so was Dunvegan! Hi to all you guys down there.........watch a sunset for me please.  You can contact me at     no_garnishings@hotmail.com  

Shereen Jose (1995)

I have recently completed my 3 year degree in fashion design and currently freelancing. My brother (Ryan) is still studying his psychology degree at RAU. We miss all our friends and would love a REUNION?

Toni-Lee Hurly (1997)

I was a Student at Dunvegan Primary from 1991 - 1997, I visited the Dunvegan Web site and was most excited to see the Photos of the school again. Well done for a fantasic site! I was also able to get in contact with some old friends again. It is good to see that the School is still looking so beautiful! The staff photo was also a treat. Unfortunately I was unable to see clearly but it looks like I saw Mrs Blume, Mrs Lochner and a couple more of my Favourite teachers, Even after moving into two more schools after leaving Dunvegan I still consider some of the Dunvegan teachers to be my favourite!

David Peyton (1999)

Finally finished high school at St Benedict's. Matric was a great year! I'm glad I didn't burn myself out... varsity is FAR more hectic. So enjoy your school years while you still can! Currently studying Chiropractic at University of Johannesburg. Anatomy is annihilating me! Update you all when I'm finished... in 6 years...

Paul Sims (1996)

Been living in Auckland, NZ for 7 years now and am a flight instructor on the long road to becoming an airline pilot. Attended Jeppe for 2 years before moving down under. Would appreciate it if any mates could contact me and let me know how life is going for you.  P.S Follow your dreams!

Wesley Hellyar (1996)

I’m currently working in the IT telecommunications industry as a computer programmer (I do like to think I’m not all geek though). Anyone who knows me feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you. And remember, second is the first looser cheers:-)

Kate Alexander (1997)

I went to Jeppe Girls and loved high school! Played hockey and volleyball. I then went on to study BCom Marketing Management at RAU and am now working for a FMCG company. I have very fond memories of the story club, camp outs and sports days. I loved Mrs Murrell, Mrs Greig, Mr Truscott, Mrs James and Mr Laidley. I'm still friends with Lezanne, Michelle, Andrea, Natalie, Amy (visited them overseas). Would love to hear from Sherry and Stuart.

Matthew Widdall (1995)

Hi to all 1995 pupils, I am still in Edenvale doing well working as a labour broker. Life is going very well. 

Steve Parsley

Hi Guys! I was just having a look at the website and it looks great, brings back loads of memories of my days as a pupil and as a coach. I’m currently living in USA, New York working as a camp director. I work at the camp year round doing Environmental Education during the year and Summer Camp during the summer season.

Celio Maia (1999)

I attended Dunvegan Primary School in 1997-1998-1999. I left Dunvegan to move to America. I now live in Maryland. I see wonderful new faces on Staff and some old ones too! It has been nearly 8 years since I left my home in South Africa and I miss it greatly. Ms, Dodrill I can only thank you for making grade four for me the most memorable year to date. It was because of you I have settled down and focused on school work. It was because of your help that I was in the top 75% of my class. I remember the Fireman poem you had us write and the balloon pigs that we made. I truly miss South Africa’s people and its places - just not the crime. I hope to hear from anyone soon.

Lisa Quirk (1996)

Moved to the United States about six years ago. Remember Dunvegan very fondly and would love to hear from old friends!! Miss South Africa and friends dearly. I am currently working for an aviation company in sales!! Shout out to Mr.Johnson still the Principal, Mrs.. Peebles, Mr. Laidley - Deputy Principal!! - Congratulations, Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. James - I would love to get in touch with Angela James - what a wonderful staff!! 

Michelle Matthews  (1998)

I was Head Girl at Dunvegan Primary in 1998. I am now teaching Grade 3 at my old school! Hi to everyone and hope everyone is doing well and good luck for the future.

Irene Krallis (1995)

Great memories at Dunvegan. Had some real good times. Finished High school in Greece on the isle of Lesvos. Got into Marine Biology but changed direction after 2nd year. Currently finished Multimedia studies and working part time at a Greek Hotel. Hopefully will be going to London to get a job in the area I've studied after summer holidays. Great site. Well done Dunvegan.

Vanessa Maggs (1995)

I wanted to let you know that Dunvegan was the best part of my life and grounding foundation. I have since qualified as a hairstylist and have opened my own salon in Cape Town. I am branching out and will be moving abroad. I completed my standard five in 1995. Hi to all and hope things haven't changed too much. With regards.

Debbie Asmus (1996)

Hiya, I have so many happy memories from Dunvegan. It was a great Primary School.  I moved to NZ in 1998, and have been living here ever since.  I am now working, and have been for the past couple of years.  I studied Engineering at Auckland University.  A big hello to all my friends from Primary School!

Candy Ekron (1999)

 I left Dunvegan with my Mom in 1999, when we decided to move to Canada, when I was in grade three. I am in my second last year of high school, as the school years are different ( we start school in September and end in June). I am currently attending Meadowvale Secondary High School. I am planning on being a teacher, and following in my mom's footsteps of being a standard one teacher. I loved Dunvegan Primary. It has been one of the best schools that I have gone to. I have so many memories from that school, and all of them are good ones. The teachers there are so nice, kind and loving and I miss everyone there dearly. When I look back at the pictures, and the list of teachers that are still there, I remember most of them. However, my favourite teacher, and still to this day has always been Mrs. Greig. I miss everything about that school and the memories that I have made while I was at that school are precious to me as I am no longer in South Africa. I send my love to all the teachers that remember me, and to all my fellow pupils that remember me also. Xx

Gerald Humphreys (1995)

I am working at Reditron doing CCTV. I can say that Dunvegan was the best, I had so much fun over there. I am busy studying computer courses from Intec College to become a qualified computer technician. My best sport is playing pool, I am also playing in league at Vaughns in Edenvale. I miss everybody so much and hope we can meet again. I want to thank all the teachers for been the best teachers in my school days and wish everybody the best. I want to say hello to Nicole, Tenille, Ross, Robert, Oliver, Natalie and anyone I left out. I hope we can meet up again sometime soon. 

Sherry Chauke (1997)

The fondest memories of Dunvegan were being in that era in our history yet having that many friends from all different walks of life. Dunvegan was always ahead of its time.

Andrew Smith (1995)

How strange to think about all this at four in the morning! Out of the blue I remembered Julie-Ann and how I once laughed at her when her wig fell off. I didn't know what cancer was in those innocent years. I stumbled across this site looking for any sign that she might have beaten it. I hope she did. I hope it with all my heart.

After completing High school at Edenglen, I studied Fine Art at Tuks. I received a Master of Visual Studies there in 2008 and I now lecture in fine art and multimedia studies at UNISA.  I still fondly remember Mr Johnson, Mr Hull, Mr Truscott, Mrs James, and Mrs Greig. They were good, gentle people. To any of my old class mates: Laurel Lundy, Matt Widdal, Darron Araujo, Martin Wolfaardt, the twins Charles and Kevin, Robin, Irene, Kristen, Danita and Julie-Ann: wherever you are I hope you are well. I wish you all the best.

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2000 - 2005



Toni-Jane Snoxell

Dunvegan is the coolest school and I hope all the present and future pupils can have as much fun as I did.

Robert Smith (2000)

I left Dunvegan in 2000 and went on to finish high school at St Benedicts College. After matriculating well in 2005 I decided to pursue a career in hospitality. I am now finished with my National Diploma in Hospitality Management and currently work at the Sandton Sun Hotel. I have however been offerred a position overseas, and soon I will be off to London to work for the prestigious Red Carnation Hotel group. I give my sincerest thanks to all my Primary School teachers for helping to mould and shape me into the person I am today. I hope to see the old school soon, and wonder if perhaps a past pupils dinner isn't forthcoming?

Tarryn van Rooyen (2000)

Attending Comberton Village College. Although I have made wonderful friends over here, I still miss my old Dunvegan friends! Although school is REALLY different over here, Dunvegan Primary prepared me well, and I am coping with everything. Dunvegan's academic standard is great, so keep up the great work! I am loving the drama, design technology, food technology, music, graphics and the sport! I am representing my new school in Netball and Rounders, and I am going to participate at the Cambridgeshire County Athletics Champs next week. I will be doing hurdles, 800m and javelin.

Kylie Potgieter (2000)

I am at Virginia Preparatory, and I achieved my Natal colours for Netball U12

Christopher Smit

Attending Jeppe Boys. My past years of Dunvegan were such a ball, each and every moment, I loved it. I really wish there was a Dunvegan High School. I miss all the teachers that have helped me in Dunvegan and I also miss seeing the friends that I made in Dunvegan.

Kerri-Anne Crawford (2001)

Attending Jeppe High School for Girls

Megan Tennant

In Grade 7 (2002) at Clarendon Girl's Primary School. I think of Dunvegan everyday, and although I've been here for a year now, I often wish I could go back to where I started Grade 1! I'm enjoying Clarendon Girl's immensely but it gets a bit boring without the boys!

Megan Jansen (2001)

I am at Edenvale High School. My years at Dunvegan were such a ball, and I met some of my closest friends ever, which I am STILL friends with now. The teachers at Dunvegan TAUGHT me some the strongest points in life, and I am forever grateful to them. I will always have some of Dunvegan in me and I think its the best primary school ever. Thanks for some great lessons in life and some wonderful friends.

Kirsten Boonzaier (2001)

I am attending Edenvale High and it is the BEST. I really learnt a lot in my 7 years at Dunvegan. To all the present Grade 7's GOOD LUCK and enjoy your last year of Primary School, you will really miss it. Well done to all the prefects and hope to see you all next year.

Ricky Teles (2001)

Edenvale High School

Grant Steppe (2001)

Attending Treverton College in Mooi River. Elected a Prefect for 2006.

Justine Bayliss (2002)

I am at Jeppe Girls. We miss you Dunvegan! Dunvegan to Jeppe is one of the hardest things we had to do, and we will always be homesick!

Michelle Phillips (2002)

At Jeppe High School 4 girls. Really hard work! Grade 7's enjoy while you still can!!. I love Jeppe and highly recommend it! But to paraphrase Jeremy Mansfield, You can take a child from Dunvegan, but never the Dunvegan from a child!! I am sure I speak for all the girls from Dunvegan when I say WE MISS YOU! Rock on Dunvegan, Rock on!!

Jaryd Weber (2002 Gr 6)

In Grade 6 at Belair Primary School. I really miss you all and would like to hear from you. Come on Grade 6's, e-mail me.

Karyn Cowan (2002)

Attending Eden College after being at Jeppe Girls for Grade 8. Love school and doing well. Doing my best to keep in contact with everyone from Primary School. Would love to hear from you. Good luck to everyone (esp. Gr. 7’s of 2002) wish you all the best in high school, and to all you guys still in Dunvegan – enjoy it while it lasts, time goes so fast. Keep in touch, Kaz.

Marcella Benigno (2002)

Attending Edenvale High School. A lot of my friends attend Edenvale too and enjoy it very much, but Dunvegan will always be the place we grew up and will always be known as our home....There are a few of my friends that I do miss and I hope I will regain contact with them soon. Thanx Dunvegan for leading me this far. Good Luck to all the pupils at Dunvegan - enjoy primary school while you can cos you don't realize how much you miss it till its gone.

Samantha Read (2002)

I am at Edenvale High. Work is really hard - they are piling it onto us. Hey guys I miss you all soooo much. I'm enjoying High school but it isn't the same. I miss all the little kids running around. Hope you are all enjoying high school. Good Luck to all the Grade 7's this year. Hope you have loads of fun.

Michael Nel (2000)

Attending Edenvale High School. Dunvegan was a few of the best years of my life. There are so many memories that I have carried with me that have made me grateful for going to such a good school. Thanks teachers and friends, I miss all you guys.

Sam de Reuck (2002)

In Grade 8 at St Mary’s doing a lot of work, we have 13 subjects!!!!! Loving every minute of it. I started rowing and recently won my races at South African championships. To all my old friends I’m really missing u guys. To all the current grade 7's good luck and enjoy!!!!

Allan-Jon Venter (2000)

My dad went to Dunvegan.  I was moved from Hurlyvale Primary because of my soccer - I currently go to St Johns College - I also race motorcycles - I won the Highschool 50cc championship for two years in a row and the 125cc - Last year I raced in the 250cc Powersport class and finished 2nd overall - this year I'm racing 600cc National Superbikes.

Kirsten McCann (2001)

Just about to start writing my matric finals, at the end of October. It has been a hectic year with so much going on but the past 2 and a half years at St Andrews School for Girls have been amazing. Going to the high performance centre in Pretoria as I'm joining the South African Rowing Academy. Will be studying at The University of Pretoria.  

Jamie Wilson (2003)

At Hillcrest Primary, G’day to the GRD3's,

Laura Wilson (2003)

At Berkley Intermediate School. Miss all the pupils and thanks to Mrs Greig for being my INSPARATION, G'Day Mates to the GRD7's. THANKS Dunvegan and Good Luck! Regards the Wilsons.

Justine Clarke (2002)


G’day Dunvegan, at the moment attending Kenmore State High School and loving every moment of it. It has become quite difficult & miss “home” very much and the people who make it home. Grade 7’s enjoy it while it lasts, it goes very quickly.

Jarryd Alexander & Trent Alexander   (2003)

We are both enjoying St. Benedicts and have settled in well.  We still think of Dunvegan and miss some of the teachers and pupils.  Please let us know who wins the Spirit trophy's that we donated to the school.

Caitlyn Clarke (2003)

I now live in Brisbane Australia. To all my old teachers especially Mrs Greig, Miss Daly and Miss Hartmann (I know that you are now married but I can't remember your new name.) I miss you all and I will always remember the good times I had at Dunvegan. To all of my friends especially Carrie-Lyn, Robyn,Debra and Michelle, its great being here and I am in Grade 7 so High School next year for me.I miss you all and please contact me or better still come and visit!

Skye Littlefield (2002)

At Edenvale High now, its cool but not as great as Dunvegan. We have fun but we also do a lot of work. I’m missing all my old friends, Lisa, Karyn, Chanelle, Janine, Lauren F, all of you! If any of you guys are out there please e-mail me. Love you lots.

Claire Donnan (2000)

Deputy head girl at Sandringham High School for 2005.

I always remember how Mr Johnson used to complain about how only a person's high school is ever made known - they never mention the Primary School. I love Sandringham High, but firmly believe that I would not have achieved half of what I have were it not for the strong foundation built by Dunvegan Primary. And so I promise, if ever (or whenever) I accomplish something extraordinary, I promise to make it well known that I went to Dunvegan Primary School!! All the best for the future success of the best school in the world,

Paul Hanson (2001)

I left Dunvegan in 2001 and moved to the little island called England -the cold wet place!!!! Now I am at a good school and miss my old school. I have been joining in cross country cycling good stuff and doing well.

Daniel Leese (2001)

What a ride. I learnt so much about myself whilst at Dunvegan, although failing most subjects. Currently sitting idle in UK (if you can call it that), waiting for September, so I can get a Math and English GCSE, where I can then go on to study a plumbing course. Hopefully they will let me join the armed forces! Was randomly clicking around on net and thought "why not reminisce over it all". Only now I realise how great the times actually were. Ouch!

Gareth Turner (2005)

Hey everyone in Dunvegan, I just want to say thank you for all your help in the past and all the support too. I currently live in Hereford, United Kingdom and go to Aylstone High school in year 9. I miss my old teacher, Mrs.Visser, and my old class. I will never forget my good friends and good teachers and I should be coming home in June 2006. My mobile number is +447913549546 and my I look forward to hearing from anyone at home and I love it when our rugby team beats England or Wales in a game. To Odwa, Tiyo, Sibu,' Natalie and everyone else, I miss you loads and never will forget you.

Samantha Danvers (2001)

Hi to all those who remember me!  I matricualted from Edenvale High School and I am now studying Graphic Design at the Boston Media House in Sandton.  Don’t be shy - keep in contact! Sam.

Daniel Pratten (2000)

I came to Dunvegan Primary from a private school and it changed my life. If I had not attended, the change to high school would have been completely different for me. I attended Edenvale High School and matriculated with merit in 2005. I was chosen as a prefect and the first cricket team wicket keeper. I am going to the University of Johannesburg to pursue a career in Industrial Psychology in 2007 as I will be travelling in 2006. If I had not attended Dunvegan all this would have not happened for me! Thanks for preparing me for the real world! Helped coach the U9 Soccer Team 2007. Sports Administrator at Dunvegan Primary in 2011 & 2012!

Craig Harty (2003)

Jeppe Boys is the best choice ever.

Steven Harty (2004)

Rugby at Jeppe is the best thing ever.

Kendall Born (2005)

I have qualified with a BSC degree in Computational & Applied Maths from Wits University.

Natalie Hurwitz (2001)

Wow guys where do I start, I am writing my HSC (higher school cert) at Pennant hills high school in Sydney, Australia, I love it here, the beach, great friends, great parties, but I will NEVER forget any of you, I miss you all like crazy and would love to hear from you guys! Dunvegan Primary was truly the best years of my life, to you I owe everything!!! Thanx

Claudio van Blerk (2004)

I left in grade 7 moved to Australia on the 20th of June 2004. I’m am now in grade 9 going onto grade 10 next year. I go to the biggest school in the state Cherry-Brook Technology High School. There over 1800 students in the school there are plenty of South Africans as well. Most of my friends are from South Africa. Miss all my teachers especially Mrs. Visser.

Darryn Harvey  (2000) 

The best times I had at Dunvegan was meeting new friends and new people. The best teacher at Dunvegan for me was Mrs. Greig. At the moment I am working for a graphics design company in Linbro Park in Marlboro.

Kelly Leigh Gibson (2005)

At Edenvale High.  Just been selected to represent Gauteng at the Senior SA (B) Gala to be held at Delville from 2 - 4 April 2007.

Louise Toldo (2002)

I was at Dunvegan from Grade 1 (1996) to Grade 7 (2002) I am now at Hartwell Private School and I am Head Girl for 2007 :) 

Chris Wallace (2000)

I now live in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States of America. I go to Omaha North High School, and I am involved in web development. The only teachers that I remember are Ms. Baker and Ms. Greig. Other than that, I don't remember much. It was nice to see all the photos on your website; they bring back some memories.

Gaywin and Daygan Mans (2005)

Lving in Sydney Australia. Gaywin is in Grade 8 at Marian College and sings for the St Michaels Youth Band which is taking part in the WYD2008, she has received 3 consecutive principal’s awards and loves the freedom offered to children in her new home.  She is very passionate about school and is working hard, so as to become an Anesthetist – like Mrs Greig said “Syringe in one hand and bible under the arm” – you were so right.  Daygan goes to school to socialize and because she has to and how lucky is she to be able to step out of the front door, over the road and into school.  She is in her last year of Primary School, preparing for her Yr 6 Farewell and getting ready to join her sister at Marian College next year.  Daygan has continued her dancing life which takes up 6 hours per week and many weekends, she partakes in Jazz, Funk, Tap, Technique and Singing/Drama – she auditioned for and was accepted into the Sydney Youth Dance Movement – clearly her life is going to be on the stage.  Miss the Teachers and Friends from Dunvegan and keep a close watch on the website – you guys are the best!!!  Go MR J.

Natalie Fernandes(2004)

Dunvegan was the best… those 7 years I spent there I will never forget! J I miss Mrs Naidoo (best maths teacher ever) and Mrs Grieg. I’m at Edenvale high now, and it’s great!! I miss all my friends from Dunvegan. Hope you all wellJ

Gareth Mutch (2000)

I was in grade 7 in 2000. I am at Boston College this year in 2007. I am studying to become an IT programmer. I miss all my teachers that taught me through out my schooling there. Any of the pupils from 2000 – would like to hear from you.

Morgan McGown (2005)

I was lucky to have awesome teachers throughout the time I was at Dunvegan Primary School (Gr.1- Mrs Greig, Gr.2- Mrs James, Gr.3- Mrs Pregueiro, Gr.4 Mrs Heystek for the first two terms and Mrs Darvall for the last two terms). At the end of Gr.4 I left the school to move to George but I still think that Dunvegan Primary is the BEST! 

Tamzin Glass (2000)

A big hello to everyone that came from this awesome school! It was a great place and I have many fond memories. I still regularly go to the "Big Walk" to see how things have changed and to see which teachers are still around. Hope I'll see some of you there.  A little info about how things on my side are going: I'm still in Edenvale... I'm engaged to be married soon and I have a blossoming career at an international company.

Ernie Chang (2003)

We had good times at Dunvegan.

Iain Mackenzie (2001)

Moved on to Edenvale High then to The Kings School Linbro Park where I was elected Headboy for 2006. Moved on to study sales and marketing and now am The corporate sales consultant for Damelin and climbing. Dunvegan was a great part of my life and I enjoyed it there.

Shayna Bolus (2004)

A prefect for Jeppe High School for Girls. Also captain of School house Nerine.

Marc Houston-McMillan

In Bournemouth, UK. Dunvegan was the best school I ever went to and I have now been to 4 different schools. My two favourite teachers are still Mrs Graham and Mrs Greig.

Matthew Phillips (2003)

Hi! Matriculated at Jeppe Boys in 2008 as a Prefect and Head of House. Also played in the First Team Hockey side who finished as the number 1 hockey school in South Africa for the year 2008. Currently studying a Bachelor of Education at Wits. I have done two teaching pracs at Dunvegan already and coaching hockey there!

Chavier de Abreu (2002)

I started in 1997 and left in 2002, which for me was disappointing, but after finishing school I left to the UK to study and to stay. I loved Dunvegan.

Gugulethu Leeto (2003)

Aww going to Dunvegan must've been the greatest experience of my life and I'll be sure to send my kids there. Finished matric in 2008 as president and executive secretary of the RCL at Orlando High School and also head of student governing body and took a 2 year gap to travel and find out what I really wanna do, will be in varsity next. Hope everyone else who finished grade 7 in 2003 is doing well, more so Christopher "Harry Potter" Underwood, my biggest crush ever and my bestest friend, wish I had told you then. Good luck for all you future prospects to all of you former and current students.

Marcella Benigno (2002)

I miss Dunvegan so much it was some of the best years of my life....

The best teachers and so much fun!!!!! I’m a mommy to two beautiful little girls now and I hope to send my girls to Dunvegan when they are older! I am going to be arranging a reunion for our year, coz the friends we made in Dunvegan were the best friends, anyone could ask for!

Ercilia Nkomo (2001)

Wow!! I just went through the Dunvegan website now and memories just rushed through my head. It's  so good to see that all is still going so well there. I see most of my teachers are still there and they are not getting any older - unbelievable! They still look the same as they did in 2001 when I left! I really love that school and that's definitely where my kids will be coming to in the future. Please give everyone my regards if possible ( Mrs Wright, Mrs Lochner, Mr Laidley, Mrs Pregueiro, Mrs Greig) Wow - miss them all so much!

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2006 - 2010



Kirsten Patterson (2006)

I’m staying in Cape Town and miss you guys so much, I think about you guys everyday - no school is like Dunvegan! To all my peers- You guys are so special and close to my heart, I keep you in my prayers and thoughts all the time. To “my” Scholar Patrol teams - You guys rock! To the Media Centre - I miss you guys so much, thanks for all the laughs through the past two years. No school would be complete without teachers, thank you to all the teachers at Dunvegan - you really made school fun. To Mr Johnson- Afrika is nie ‘n Plek vir Sissies! J Love and miss you guys so much, all my love.

Kirsty Ann Marais (2008)

At Jeppe Girls’ High School in Grade 8. Playing Hockey and Cricket.

Bruce Crossey (2008)

Hey guys. I’m currently at St. Benedict's College and loving it!  Grade 9 is proving to be a difficult year but I am enjoying the challenges. I miss Dunvegan Primary very much and look back on my years there with very fond memories. Since the beginning of grade 9 I have been awarded colours for both academics and cricket and I am currently playing for both the "A" hockey and cricket sides. I have had another poem published in the anthology "Mystical Moments" and was awarded the best under 15 batsman award at the recent cricket prize giving, I have also constantly been in the academic top twenty. Dunvegan Primary did a fantastic job of preparing me for my high school career and I would like to thank Dunvegan for giving me the solid foundation that it did. I miss you guys so much and you are all constantly in my thoughts, keep flying the Dunvegan Primary flag high!

Anthony Abbotts (2010)

At School Of Merit getting good marks and enjoying life as it comes. Cannot say thank you enough for teaching me to read and write.

You guys are the best and hope to come back sooooon!!!!

Robyn Bester (2007)

After spending a year at Holy Rosary, I was named as the U/14 athlete of the year, achieved top 10 and represented SA in Scotland on a Soccer tour. I was scouted and invited to form part of the National U/17 Ladies Football team, Basetsana.  I achieved my Northern Gauteng colours and was further chosen to represent SA in the U/20 SASCOC games last year. After a debilitating knee injury and countless surgery procedures I had to abruptly retire from soccer and has just recently started playing golf for the academy. I was named Deputy Head Girl of the Tuks University Sport School for 2012.

Donovan Kremer (2008)

Finished school at Dunvegan Primary school in 2008 and moved to Australia. First off, Mr Johnson is one of the coolest Principals I have ever met. Yes, Dunvegan was one of my favourite primary schools, mostly because I could never understand how they put up with me and all the trouble I carried along, but they have the best teachers and will get even the naughtiest students through their primary school life. Planning on coming back to visit everyone soon, keep up the good teaching and the happy environment!!!


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Staff Members



Debbie Ekron

I teach a Grade Three class of 25 children, at John Knox Christian School, Oakville, Ontario. Teaching, the curriculum and the daily routine of school are very different here. The children in my class spend a few weeks at the beginning of each year learning to 'understand' my accent. Our first few spelling tests of the year are difficult, as with some words, the only way they understand the accent is for me to spell the word out!!

The children now know what a braai, koeksister, boep and rubbish bin is! They also sing the SA version of 'happy birthday' with the 'hip, hip hooray, nog 'n piep' bit at the end.

I can state, without a single seconds hesitation, that the years I taught at DPS were the happiest of my teaching career! 

Derick Hull

Retired, spending much of my time in my workshop, repairing furniture and making new pieces. We live in Winterskloof, a lovely valley lying between Pitermaritzburg and Hilton. The house is on 2¼ acres (about one hectare) and is more than 60 years old. We have spent the past three years repairing the house and adding a granny cottage, an extra garage and a workshop, The upper part of the property is planted to proteas, waratahs and citrus trees. We occasionally market some of the flowers. We hope to add a guest cottage (B&B) during this year.

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