Dunvegan Primary School – Tours/Outings


Please be patient as photos can take some time to download.



The Grade 7’s were on tour at Bush Pigs from the 5th February – 9th February. This was our 24th Visit to this facility.



Monday 5th of February

The children receiving the rules in the hog hall. 


Lunch time is happy time!


What is a tour without a campfire?


Tuesday 6th of February

Update from Camp Hedgehog


Boys building their shelter.


Girl Power!


Learning about snakes.


New piggy wagon heading for the morning hike.


In the ravine.


Tuesday afternoon teamwork activities at camp crocodile.






In the evening they did environmental restaurant, where they cooked up a storm!


At the shops for the environmental kitchen.


Choosing food to cook to feed Mr Laidley.


Look what’s cooking.


Wednesday 7th of February

This morning the group is doing the S.A. tourism quiz and will have pancakes for breakfast.


Discovering South African treasures by doing S.A. tourism quiz.


Yummy pancakes!


Morning initiatives for the whole group.






Thursday 8th of February


Activities at Gemsbok camp. Playing eco ball.


Girls heading on a game drive.


Boys cycling at camp Gemsbok.


The following pictures are of the much loved mudsticle. This afternoon everyone
will be going to Weesgerus.







Everyone enjoying a splash in the pool at Weesgerus.




Friday 9th of February


In the morning everyone had to cook their own stokbrood for breakfast.




Birthday girl celebrating her special day.